Thursday, 26 June 2008

On the road again

Lordy, I've done some driving in the last few days.

140 miles to Bedford at oh my gawd o'clock on Tuesday morning, then back again on Wednesday afternoon. We went cross-country on the way up there as my colleague was navigating. I did the motorways coming home as I was on my own and am defiantly refusing to get a satnav system.

Some people, however, were reading maps, playing with satnavs, texting on their mobiles and smoking fags whilst cruising down the road. Fuckwits.

Interestingly* both journeys took about the same length of time, given that the M1 was being dug up and I reached the M3 junction off the M25 at 5.30 at night.

The actual event was exhausting. I was part of the team giving a presentation to about 100 Captains of Industry (not a woman among the lot of them), and then spending the following day having meetings all over the show.

Would have been better if one of the Very Senior And Important People hadn't given me a bollocking** about my project just before I had to go and do my bit. If it hadn't all been about stuff I already know and have been telling them about for 6 months it would have been easier to bear.

I did get to have a test drive on the specialist vehicles course, but sadly it was in a Prius. I won't be buying one. Apparently the speed track there is where they filmed some of Casino Royale - the bit where he writes off the (?)Aston Martin trying to avoid running over the girl.

Other news: My WithaY's dad is still very poorly, which is worrying. Mr WithaY managed to catch a hideous cold last weekend so has been feeling terrible, on top of the worry. So a fun week for him.

We have some mates coming over at the weekend. We are dog-sitting for them on Sunday when they go to see another mate being ordained.

Bloody hell. I never in a million years thought I'd be writing that sentence.

Anyway. It's the first time the three mad spaniels have been here since the garden-trashing disgrace. If they are naughty, they go in the kennel. I will make sure I tell them that right from the outset.

Some other mates are coming over for tea on Sunday, so I think a cake-creating bonanza is called for. Spence, text me with any cake requests. Heh.

*Or not, if you are a normal person.

**Not what you think, American readers.


Slyde said...

a speech in front of 100 people? good for u....!

livesbythewoods said...

Slyde, it was daunting...the long walk to the podium with them all staring at you. Worst than school.

livesbythewoods said...

Worse. Bugger.