Sunday, 18 May 2008


That's what Malta has been over the last 1500 years, it seems.

We went to Victoria today and did a cultural trip round a wide variety of museums - the Archaeology Museum, the Folklore Museum, the Prison Museum and the natural History Museum.

One of them (can't remember which, sorry) has a timeline showing who had invaded Malta and when. You name them, they were here. Romans, Greeks, Turks, Normans, Spaniards, more Turks, Knights of St John, more Turks. Lord, it was complicated.

All of which were great, but rather paled into insignificance besides the Citadel, where they are housed. I took many photos. There were many steps and columns. It was most tranquil.

Apart from that, have been swimming, played in the jacuzzi, annoyed some Germans (result!) by switching on all the cascades, water jets and other toys in the pool, and saw two different types of lizard.

A full and rich day.

This hotel is great. We had vodka martinis before dinner. WIth three (yes, three) olives. Mmmmm. Booze.

And Portsmouth are the FA champions. My nephew will be pleased.


Slyde said...

im jealous.. i'd love to visit Malta one day...

livesbythewoods said...

Slyde, I can recommend it.