Monday, 5 May 2008

Music, not the food of love

Guess what I am doing today?

I am reloading all my music onto my new PC because I have completely failed to manage to copy it from the laptop. I didn't give up immediately, of course.

I first spent many hours messing about transferring files from one iTunes music library to another, and then going "Oh bollocks!" at it when the new library failed to find the files and play them. So, as the vast majority of stuff on my iPod is from CDs I own, I just decided to give up and start from scratch.

I suppose I can burn the songs I bought onto a CD and load it onto the new machine?

Gah. I am yet again disapoointed by how little my life resembles Star Trek.

Oh BOLLOCKS. I just discovered that all the albums I loaded on this morning have been deleted again. When I say "have been deleted" I mean I deleted them. Thinking I was getting rid of stuff that was not working.

So. Back to square 1.

Good job I have already done loads of useful stuff today or I'd feel like I was wasting my life doing this.


Z said...

This sounds like the way I spend too much of my time.

I was vastly pleased when I logged on to iTunes and it offered to load on all my music for me. The only downside was that it didn't take my playlists; that is, it took the music, so that I had the tracks on playlists twice in the main music section and had to delete the repeats. I don't know if there's a quick way to do it, but I did them one by one.

livesbythewoods said...

I started doing the "want me to go and find this song in the virtual cupboard under the stairs for you?" that iTunes kept offering, but it got too annoying.

I've been at it for hours.


Jon said...

Sounds like I am a bit late, but there is actually a way to copy files into your new i-tunes from your ipod.

When I had the same dilemma as you I searched on the net for 'backup Ipod files' and 'copy Ipod files' and other similar searches and I finally found a guide that was quite long and complex, but easy to follow, and had no dramas with moving everything across in about 5 minutes.

Hope this helps!

livesbythewoods said...


I have spent the last 3 hours uploading music. Good job I was able to do other stuff at the same time, eh?

Z said...

Cheers, Jon. Next time my computer goes belly-up, I'll ask you.