Friday, 2 May 2008

Go fish

Busy day today.

Had a hectic morning at work, after a nice evening last night eating Chinese with my bestest mate, catching up on each others' news and wandering round looking at bats.

At one point we were looking at the river, standing on a rather lovely arched stone bridge. It was getting dark, and what with all the bats and all, it was looking a bit spooky.

I said "Wouldn't it be scary if a huge bat came crawling up the bridge towards us...would you help me flee to safety?"

He said "No. I only bring you along as monster bait."


Anyhoo. Work. Had a new team member start today so we had a meeting to get him up to speed on what we are all doing, and to try to get the project plan updated.

We use a really old version of MS Project at work and hardly anyone knows how to use it properly. I looked into getting us all some training so we could, you know, run our project properly. The software version we use is so old that nobody provides training for it any more. We could, however, get trained up in a version we don't have.

I declined that offer, on the grounds that it was rubbish.

Baled out of work fairly early to go to Salisbury to get my hair cut, having stupidly forgotten that it is the Friday before a Bank Holiday, and the roads would therefore be hell on toast. Got there eventually and am now less straggly and dishevelled looking.

Which is nice.

Off to see my lovely Mum tomorrow while Mr WithaY goes sea-fishing. He is under strict instructions to bring back:

a) Lobsters
b) Scallops
c) A turbot

I daresay he will come home bright red and covered in salt, with tales of people hooking each others' ears and losing their glasses/wallets/false teeth over the side of the boat.

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