Sunday, 11 May 2008

Cakey pig

Just got back from the supermarket.

We went in Mr WithaY's Landrover and apart from the plant life, it is really much improved. He refuses to clean out all the moss, grass, dandelions and other British native flora growing in the carpet on the grounds that it is "habitat". Habitat my arse.

Anyhoo. We went to stock up on all the stuff we have run out of, but I also stocked up on sugar sprinkles*, glace cherries, mini chocolate buttons and food colouring. I am going to make more cupcakes to take into work, as my team are still (still!) complaining that I didn't take cakes in on my birthday. Which was in January.

Not that they bear grudges or anything.

Another glorious day here too. It makes such a difference when the weather is good. For a start I got all the laundry washed and dried over one day, rather than having it hanging around for a week, depressing me.

Annoyingly, every pair of summer shoes I have worn over the last few days has rubbed my feet to bits**. None of them are new. What's going on with that? Have my feet gone all soft and feeble over the winter? Do I need some sort of foot training regime to toughen them up for the rigours of summer shoes? Was all that effort spent in keeping them soft and supple merely time wasted as they now have to form a hard crust over them to stop my shoes wearing them down to the bone?

Any podiatrists (sp?) out there, please do let me know.

Ooh yes, other news: The entire series of Absolutely is now available on DVD.


If you haven't ever seen it, you really should. It's very funny. Mr WithaY and I still do our "Gwynith and Denzil" impressions from time to time***.

*If I ever start writing "adult" fiction, that will be my nom de plume I think.

**In many different places, obviously, so I now look like a Medieval foot-leper.

***We don't get out much.


Z said...

Even if feet are hard and leathery, they still get rubbed when you first bare them in summer shoes. it passes though, no need to rub in the surgical spirit to toughen up.

livesbythewoods said...

Z, you are wise indeed. I will persevere with the foot leprosy impression.

Slyde said...

i would definitly read some adult fiction by "sugar sprinkes"! :)

livesbythewoods said...

Slyde, I will send you a proof edition. ;)