Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Blue, blue, electric blue

Well, the sun is not quite as bright as it was but it's still a lovely day. Makes such a difference when the weather is good. Does to me, anyway.

Am sat in the office more or less on my own at the moment. The rest of the team all sit on the other side of the big open-plan office, so I am here like a sad Billy no-mates.

We are currently packing everything into huge crates prior to our move to the other end of the building later in the week. I need to get my stuff crated up by lunchtime on Thursday, and move all my bits and bobs to the new desk by then as well, because I will be away after that for a week and a bit.

The building is mostly empty and very untidy and rather depressing as a result, what with all the empty desks and cupboards, and huge trolleys full of junk to be either sent for recycling, thrown away or moved to a new home. And we are trying to carry on with the day job in amongst it all.

Can't wait for my holiday.

In honour of the impending WithaY travels, I treated myself to some new nail varnish (Jessica's "Out All Night") in a fetching shade of electric teal/blue, which is a bit alarming. I might restrict it to toes only. I keep catching glimpses of my fingernails and going "Wow, that is bright."

Will look fab by the pool.


Slyde said...

electric blue toenails should be very sexy!

Jon said...

If that isn't an invite for a picture of your electric blue fingernails then I don't know what is.

I will be back!

livesbythewoods said...

Slyde, should be, yes. However, we shall see what the public think when I unleash my toes on the world.

Jon, if Photobucket didn't crash me out every time I tried to resize a pic, I'd post one.