Friday, 30 November 2007


Well, have stopped throwing up, which is nice. I started being sick on Tuesday night, and was firmly of the opinion that it was stress-related.

My reasoning was: had horrible, scary, stressful work-related dream, woke up at 3am, was very sick, then lay there till 6am feeling sick and stressed. Therefore, must be work making me ill.

Seemed logical enough to me.

However, having now stopped being sick, and having managed to eat a bit yesterday, I feel much better, and far less stressed about everything, including work. So it is possible that I was in fact suffering from a bug of some sort, and the horrible stressy dreams were caused by the physical ailment, rather than the other way round.

Anyway. Not being sick now, so that's good.

Today I plan to do some preparations for Christmas, as I have been feeling either too busy, too disinterested or too sickly to do anything about it so far.

Might go into town later and get some more Christmas cards from the charity shops, which will give me an excuse to have a good rummage about. Always interesting, seeing what other people have got rid of.

When I was a student, many hundreds of years ago, I furnished my teeny little student flat thingy from charity shops. And most of my wardrobe came from them too, that and jumble sales. Do people still hold jumble sales?

I used to find some great stuff. I remember a long soft, flowing grey/blue skirt with a heavily embroidered hem which I bought, altered and lived in for about 6 months. I thought I looked gorgeous.

One afternoon I was walking through town with a mate, wearing aforesaid lovely skirt, and a little old lady came up to us. She took hold of my arm and looked at me intently.

Little Old Lady: "Know what you look like?"

Me: ""

Little Old Lady: "Bloody awful."

Then she strode off into the sunset, leaving me standing open-mouthed in the street, as my mate fell about laughing.

I can't wait to be old enough to get away with doing that to people.


John said...

Oh no! I actually cringed reading that. That's awful! I look back at old photos these days and just wonder to myself what on earth I thought I was wearing...

Fearghal Flanagan said...

There is one jumble sale, it's called Ebay. It's not so much fun because you don't get elbows in your face or the priest tipping tea over your head. (Yes,I was a bit wee when I last was dragged to one.)

livesbythewoods said...

John, I attract nutters. Really. Ask anyone.

And I thought I looked nice.

Fearghal, hello. Yes, there's no "Jumble Smell" with Ebay either, is there? On the plus side, you don't have to pay 10p to get in.

Anonymous said...

why wait till then dear i do it now ... its great fun :-)

mr c-ntt

Anonymous said...

im im 31:) gay and single ..

BEAST said...

He He He , there is nothing like a rude old lady to give you a good laugh. Its all car boot sales these days rather than jumble sales

livesbythewoods said...

Hello Anon, nice of you to share.

Beast, rude old ladies, they are EVERYWHERE. I do like car boot sales, although I am often intimidated by the scary sellers.