Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Grumpy. Well, a bit.

Have been feeling a bit low and grumpy. Might be because I am tired after the weekend, which was lovely by the way. Having the Middle Sis and family to stay was great. Children were entertaining, Sis and bro-in-law were on good form, we ate and drank and talked bollocks. All good.

Maybe it's the aftermath of the last month or so of hectic stuff - overseas guests, Kevin the Decorator, new carpets, work going ballistic - but I felt like I just wanted to go to sleep and stay that way indefinitely yesterday. Resorted to having a little weep mid-afternoon and was more or less ok afterwards. I was working at home so could make a cup of tea and sniffle pathetically in private for a few minutes.

How pathetic. Me a grown woman.

Mr WithaY was up at 6 today to get the train to London for a meeting. Gah. I hate early starts.

On the plus side, we're off out for a Chinese with some of our lovely neighbours to help one of them celebrate her birthday. Mmmmm. Chinese. That'll be two in a week, as we had a monster fatboy takeaway on Saturday night as well.

Mmmmm. Fattening.

Other news: Have been conducting interviews at work all this morning for my new team, which was interesting. It's been years since I was on the scary side of an interview. And more to come on Thursday. Hurrah.

Was reminded about something that happened at the firework and local radio gala we were at the other weekend. There was loud funky music blaring out from the fairground rides, and as it was chilly I started jigging about a bit. Mr WithaY stood perfectly still, patiently waiting for the fireworks.

Me: Come on, have a little dance!

Mr W: I am dancing.

(A few moments pass, I keep jigging)

Me: Awww, come on, dance a bit.

Mr W: I am.

Me: You are not!

Mr W: My aura is dancing.


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