Thursday, 8 November 2007

Success. And carpets.

Hurrah for me! Held the First Ever Inaugural Major Important Significant Big Old Meeting for my work project yesterday and nobody threw stuff, shouted or told me I was an idiot.

So, good.

Work has been really busy, and also really interesting for the last couple of weeks. Good again. Even looks like I might be getting some more staff which will take the pressure off a bit.

Our recruitment process is Byzantine. Internal recruitment, mind. People who already work for us and fancy a bit of a change. Not even having to advertise outside. Takes forever and if you get it wrong you get chased up and down the corridors by hungry, angry wolverines. I believe. I may need to read up on the personnel regs to confirm that.

Only downside is that I have had to be in the office a lot more than of late, which means more driving and less staring out of my window at home at all the lovely scenery*.

Other news: The carpet blokes have been in this morning, fitting new carpets for the stairs, landing and bedrooms. Mr WithaY is at home supervising. We had a delightful evening last night ripping up the old carpets and dumping them in the garden.

The dust! The filth! The stench! And that was just me cooking supper.

Apparently there has already been a disaster this morning. When the carpet blokes dropped the underlay on the upstairs landing, they managed to dislodge the glass lightshade out of the hall light below, so that smashed all over the floor.

That means I will have to try and find a new shade, or, failing that**, get an electrician to replace the whole bloody thing because it is one of those "flat against the ceiling" lights that have to be wired in properly.


And they're charging us an extra fifty quid for "Moving furniture" because we hadn't emptied the entire upstairs of all our stuff. I can only assume they had imagined we would be stacking the beds, chests of drawers, desks, chairs and all other bits and bobs in the front garden. Bastards.

All my guitars are carefully placed in the sitting room until it's over. It was a bit Spinal Tap last night as we sat there watching Heroes.

I carefully disconnected my internet modem box connection thingy and packed my laptop away so it should survive unscathed. Unless they drop fucking underlay on it of course.

I anticipate a challenging evening of trying to reconnect to the internet and get everything working properly again. At least there is plenty of tasty leftover last-night-supper*** to keep me going.

*and the petrol station, which is interesting in itself. Sometimes it gets robbed.

**which is pretty likely, as that kind of light is usually sold as a complete unit. Gah.

***still being a domestic goddess, but only intermittently at the moment.


BEAST said...

Sounds marvellous . Well done for the meeting , was it just stunned silence or wild applause at the end of it ???

Having new carpets put into excisting furnished space is just a nightmare , you are lucky it was only the lampshade :-)
sounds like your having a good week all in all tho

Frogdancer said...

Gotta love Heroes. We watched it last night too.
In Australia we're up to where Hiro has just been betrayed back in historical times. (Don't want to say too much... don't want to be a spoiler.)

livesbythewoods said...

Beast, the meeting ended very satisfactorily with everyone shaking hands and saying how much they were looking forward to the next one. They may have been lying, of course.

Carpet blokes also managed to knock a hole in the recently-plastered spare bedroom celing.

Fuck knows how.

Maybe they were trying to carpet it and then realised they had the plans upside down.

And Frogdancer! GAH! No spoiling it please!