Friday, 9 November 2007

Weekend plans

Hurrah! Middle Sis and family are due here tonight for the weekend, which I am very much looking forward to. Been bloody months since we last met up so it will be great to catch up.

The new carpet looks very nice, albeit not the colour I thought it was going to be. I might take a scrap of the leftover stuff to the shop to compare with the sample, just to check I am not going mad.

Mind you, if it is the wrong colour, what will I do? Have it all ripped up and replaced? Can't bear the thought of all that disruption.

And it looks fine. Really. A bit beiger than I anticipated, but not too bad at all.

The entire house is full of carpet fluff though. I reckon it'll be the other side of Christmas before we get rid of it all. Still, makes finding dust bunnies more exciting. Dust Elephants.


BEAST said...

Dust bunnies are gods way of telling you , that your a lazy minx and need to get the hoover out :-)

livesbythewoods said...

Beast, you are so right. I am typing this whilst laying full length on my satin chaise longue, dressed in a frilly nightie and furry stiletto mules, eating Turkish Delight with the other hand, while my adoring minions waft me with huge ostrich plume fans.

Another day at the coal face.

BEAST said...

exactly as it should be ,you need to take the other half to task , he is obviously being lax with his chores