Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Dubious promises

Was looking at the Amazon website for Christmas inspiration. I love that they are offering a delivery service called Amazon Prime. Sounds like a huge scary Transformer mega-villain.

Look out! Amazon Prime is on his way, demolishing everything in his path!


My eye was drawn to the claim made about one of the in-car satnav guidance systems.

The headline said "Drive Like a Local". As if that would be a good thing.

This morning, driving like a local would have entailed being in a huge, mud-encrusted tractor, doing 14 miles an hour, your big dog sitting beside you in the cab glaring at the people in the cars following you, that you were splattering with enormous wet globs of mud as you trundled along in the middle of the road.

You bastard.


John said...

Welcome to Wiltshire!

It truly is like Royston Vasey. Only on a more worrying scale.

livesbythewoods said...

John, you are not the first person to make that comparison, matey.

I realised the other week that I have lived in Witshire now for almost 20 years, so must stop going "Good God no!" when people say "Are you local?"