Thursday, 22 November 2007


Yes, I look like a panda.

Forgot I was wearing mascara for a change and scared the shit out of myself when I walked past a mirror earlier. I look tired AND dead. If I was skinny I'd look like a Goth.

Have been wasting my life on the internet this evening, whilst playing my guitar. All very relaxing. Just as well after the big scary meeting at work today.

Whoever arranged the working lunch was a genius. A dozen Very Senior and Important People Indeed sat round the conference table, tucking into little bags of crisps like seven-year-olds on a school trip. Hilarious.

Still, kept them all reasonably quiet while I did my bit. Apart from the rustling of all the crisp bags.

Heard a fab story yesterday. A colleage was reminiscing about the good old days when computers were new and scary. Apparently he shared an office with several other guys and they had a little standalone machine in there which everyone was terrified of.

A very senior manager came on a visit, popped into this office and spotted the computer.

Very Senior Manager: Oh well done! A computer! Do you use it much?

Nervous underling: Um....a bit.

Very Senior Manager: (encouragingly) Yeeeees? And what do you use it for?

Nervous underling: Well, it's really handy for making lined paper. For when we send stuff over to the typists.

It seems they only used the computer to print out page upon page of lined paper so they could hand draft all their letters and take them to the tying pool.

How times have changed.

I hope.


John said...

I guess that just goes to show how far we have advanced even in such a small space of time.

Ha, using a computer to print lined pages :) Saying that, I have once used my laptop adapter when ill as a hot water bottle so I guess technology does have it's somewhat adverse uses!

livesbythewoods said...

John, that is a brilliant idea. I always sleep really badly when my own enormous mobile hot water bottle is away (but he's due back tonight) so might try using my laptop instead.

If I never post again it's because I rolled on it and broke it.