Friday, 29 January 2010


Last night I did my occasional "Big Night Out In London" thing with Tall Richard.   Mr WithaY and I have been mates with Mr and Mrs Tall Richard since I was a student.  I think Tall Richard helped push my long-gone still-lamented first car* on several occasions when it died as we arrived at places in a cloud of black smoke and bad language.  We've spent many hours drinking, singing, telling jokes, drinking, singing some more and quipping.  Happy days.  He is a master of the bon mot.

Their eldest son is now having a whale of a time at university; I remember him before he was born.  Seeing friends' and family's children growing up is the only thing that really brings home to me how time is marching on.  Ah well.

Anyway. I was meeting Tall Richard at his office after work, and was a little bit early, so I sat in the very intimidating foyer for a few minutes while I waited.  The security guards looked at me, but not one of them wandered over to ask me who I was, or what I was doing, or could they see my ID in case I was a random nutjob who had wandered in off the street and was planning mischief.  Strange. 

They have a complicated access system, involving various airlocks, scanners and gates, as so many buildings do these days.  A chap stepped into one of the tube airlock thingies, then as he waited for it to open, he downed a pint of milk from a plastic carton.  Most unexpected. 

Tall Richard and I scooted across to a nice little pub just off the Strand, and I amused myself by showing him some of the old pics I have scanned into the computer and uploaded onto my iPhone.  Ahhh technology.  I almost understand some of it. 

Ate a fine Italian meal, caught up on all the gossip, and made it back to Waterloo in time for the 8:20 train home.  The high life.  I am reading "Starship Troopers" on my iPhone at the moment, which is pleasingly diverting on that long, long journey.  Not much like the film, but so many books are very different from the screen version.

It's a bit of a bugger that the last train home leaves London before 9:30pm.  It rather curtails the possibilities for a wild night out on the tiles.  Unless I can beg a bed at a mate's of course.  I was safe and sound at home by 11pm, and as I don't have to flog all the way to London today, was able to luxuriate in bed till gone 8 this morning.  Marvellous.

Other news:  I'm off to pick up me new specs this afternoon.  I am very excited, it's over 2 years since I had new ones and I am mightily bored with my current pair. 

Do I want an iPad? I think not, probably. It looks like a much bigger, less handy iPhone. I'm still not won over by Twitter, either. I think I might take the wise Mr Farty's advice and just use it to pimp the blog.

Also, welcome back to eloh.  I was wondering where you'd got to. 

*Gavin the Fiat.  I loved him.


B.E. Earl said...

Starship Trooper is on my "to read" list this year. I'm a big sci-fi guy, but a bit lacking when it comes to Heinlein.

badgerdaddy said...

Ahhh, Starship Troopers. One of my absolute favourite movies.

Love Verhoeven's quote about it too: "War can make a fascist of anyone." Apparently he didn't even finish reading the book before making the film, he thought it was shite.

@eloh said...

Just reading about drinking a milk in the air lock made my face go all funny... I'll bet that guy is a card.

Since security didn't bother you... we know you were not wearing a burka... nor are you the shifty nervous type.

I could have walked into a place like that dressed for dinner with a friend and ten seconds later they would have had be tied to a chair with my shoes hanging from my ears.

I'll bet security keeps a special eye on their milk drinking friend.

It's good to spend time in blog land.

DameEmma said...

Starship Troopers is a book? Astonishing! I am the opposite of au fait with the science fiction, much to Mr. Dame's dismay. I'm with Eloh--I am security guard bait. They love/hate me.

Isabella Golightly said...

Although I love gadgets, I won't be installing the airlock and scanner tube at the Golightly household, mainly because I can't afford the security guards needed to make it all worthwhile really. You didn't mention the flavour of the milk, disappointing, that.

Also, (and absolutely no offence to Dame Emma) there are people who didn't know it was a book first? OMG. Hated the film. Sorry BEE.

livesbythewoods said...

Earl, I love Heinlein, although I find some of his stuff rather heavy going.

Badgerdaddy, that doesn't surprise me in the least! The film and the book are two very different animals.

eloh, I am obviously a non-suspicious type. And I am glad you're back.

Emma! Shame on you! Go and find it and read it as your homework please.

Isabella, I think you should install the security system and hang the expense. Then post photos on your blog.

The milk was milk flavour, as far as I could see. I assume cow, rather than any other mammal.