Friday, 15 January 2010

Great ideas

I think I might write a TV series.

It'll be about an ex-Secret Service/CIA/top military special forces/undercover policeman.   He'll be very handsome, exceptionally fit, have twinkling eyes and a smile that makes men trust him and women bite their knuckles.  He'll be a mysterious, transient loner.  Very cool.

But he needs to have had something dreadful in his past....something to give him a reason to be a loner, a drifter.  Hmm, but what?

Ooh, I know.   His wife and child were BLOWN UP in a huge explosion.  Caused by, um, Organised Criminals*.  Yeah.  So, his wife gone...his child gone...his house gone....nowhere to live, no-one to love.  He's going to be bitter. Driven by a wish for revenge. 


Hmmm.   Driven.  Driven, driven, driven...He'll become a crime-fighting TRUCKER!  God this is gold dust.  So.  A trucker.  Travelling the roads, fighting Organised Crime.   

Now, what kind of a truck?  Maybe a bit like Knight Rider, but bigger.  Bigger and purple.  That's a cool colour for a crime fighting truck.  And not able to talk, that's just annoying.  But lots of techno-stuff inside it so he can pretty much do anything.  Coffee machine, internet access, some sort of satellite tracking system, a bed....oh, everything.  And a constant live link to his mysterious employers at some mysterious secret Government agency or other.  I'll work out the details later.  Or not...who'll care?

This is GREAT.

What to call it.  Something about, oh, trucks, maybe?  And law enforcement?  But he's not a policeman, really.  So....not law.  Enforcement?  Nah.  Right?  Hm, no.  Morals?  Ugh no.

Ooh, Justice!  Yes,  JUSTICE. 

Truck of Justice?  No.

Justice Rig?   No.

32-tonner of Justice?  Hmmm...too weak.

Wait...wait...I know.....18 Wheels of Justice.  Oh yes.  Perfect.

Right, better check the Internet and make sure nobody else has used that title before.


*Not the crappy disorganised sort.


@eloh said...

I watched some television programming last night for the first time in years... usually I only watch the history channel, really old movie channel etc.

I got the feeling I'd seen it all before...

@eloh said...

Maybe this is why we have all that reality crap on the tube nowdays.

livesbythewoods said...

Eloh, if it was the history channel then you had almost certainly seen it before.

But yes, the best things on TV seem to be the repeats. I try to avoid reality programmes too, they seem so witless.