Monday, 4 January 2010


Managed to get an emergency appointment with the doctor this morning, which was a relief.  Apparently I have both a virus AND a bacterial infection, which is why I felt a bit better after the first load of antibiotics before Christmas, but then much worse again. 

It seems that my body is hosting a tag-team of infections, taking it in turns to overpower my feeble swooning immune system and ravage it whilst twirling their moustachios. can just hear them going "Mwahahahahahahahaaaaa" as they do it. 


Anyway, he's prescribed me some more powerful antibiotics and signed me off work for a week, and told me to come back if I am not greatly improved by the weekend.  He was very reassuring, which has made me feel much better.

Whilst walking around town* for a few minutes waiting for my prescription to be made up, I took a couple of pictures of the hoar frost on the trees.  It is still minus 4 outside, even though the sun is shining.  At least we haven't had any snow recently.

It's very pretty out there.  I'm just glad I get to enjoy it from inside my warm cosy house.

Other news:  All the fish in the aquarium are still alive, which is encouraging.The two little shoals of tetra and barbs are swimming around together, which is entertaining to watch.  The gourami seems to prefer hanging about near the surface, sometimes diving down to the gravel at the bottom, terrorising the leopard cory. 

*Ha.  But I did pop into the butcher to get some mince, and tell them how great the turkey was.


Manuel said...

happy new just to get things of to a good start....I'm back at welldonefillet...

just wanted to share that with you...

whoop whoop

UberGrumpy said...

Did you fix the dishwasher yet?

Isabella Golightly said...

Virus and bacteria and the cut finger? You must be really sick of it all (no pun intended. Honest).

Isabella Golightly said...

Oh bollocks your blogger just ate my pithy witty comment. Sod it. Hope you feel better soon. Would a frog help?

livesbythewoods said...

Manuel! Hellooooo! Hurrah and welcome back.

UberGrumpy, yes, I think so. It did a load of dishes last night without flooding, leaving a pool of filth in the bottom of the machine or rebelling and leading an army of angry robots on a quest to kill all humans. Result.

Isabella, my finger is healing up nicely, and now that I know what is wrong with my chest I feel a bit better. I'm getting cabin fever, which is probably a good sign.

Sorry about your comment being eaten.

@eloh said...

Trees covered in ice shining in the sunlight... I really miss that from where I grew up.

livesbythewoods said...

Eloh, it is very beautiful, but I am bored with not being able to get out to the shed without putting my wellies on.