Wednesday, 27 January 2010


In the car park at the big Tesco in Shaftesbury we saw a builder's van with the name "Crumpler and Son" on it. 

What other trade would I want a Mr Crumpler to turn up for, I wonder?


Ironing and laundry services?

Plate glass installation?

Panel beating?

Gift wrapping?

Tarmac laying?

So many possibilities.  If I ever change my name, I think I will become Lucy Crumpler. 

Also, why has nobody created a childrens' television series/book/top trumps game called "Combat Wombat"?  I might have a crack at it myself. 

There's no plot development or indeed character ideas beyond the name, but if "18 Wheels of Justice" can get made, hell, this must have a future.  I bet they started with the title and worked back from there.  Mr WithaY refers to it as "The Truck of Shame" which is not a bad title either.

Other news:  Finally, finally received the long-awaited letter from the law.   It's only taken them 4 months to convey it 20 miles.  Still, it draws a line under some of the SSFH* loose ends.

That's a bizarrely mixed metaphor.  Sorry.

Also: Twitter.  Hmm, not sure I have got the hang of it yet.  It seems terribly lonely and one-sided.  I like the blog thing, where you write stuff, other people read it, and then comment to tell you (and everyone else) what they think.  It feels like a cheerful and friendly way to communicate. Plus I get to do most of the talking.  Perfect.  Twitter is like dropping meringues into a black hole** and there is no sense that anything you say is registering anywhere else.  Maybe I'll get used to it.

Tried playing my guitar this evening, and still can't sing, which is a bugger.  If that chest infection has lost me my voice I will be very upset indeed.  And my guitar playing wasn't too good either.

*Shit Storm From Hades

**The re-runs of the origianl Star Trek series are brilliant, aren't they?  Those tortured metaphors.  Those wigs.  Kirk's shameless camera-hogging.  The boots.  Just great.


Mr Farty said...

I think you're allowed to mix & match your blog and Twitter stuff. When I write a new blog post, I pimp it on Twitter. Also, the more people you follow, the more who follow you back. Some of them are QI. Watch for the #ff (follow Friday) hashtag on, er, Fridays. That'll give you some recommendations on who's worth looking at.

Middle Sis said...

Have never looked at twitter until you started twittering. No disrespect to you, but what a waste of time. I love your blog, it makes me smile (and laugh out loud!).

As for singing, let your old leathery lungs heal and hum in the meantime.

@eloh said...

I'm resting up from part of my own little SSFH.

livesbythewoods said...

Mr F, sage advice, I may well take it up. Although I am enjoying stalking Simon Pegg.

Middle Sis, yes, you may well be right. And I'm glad you like the blog!

eloh! hello! I was missing you, hope you're ok.