Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sausage time

Today has been a constructive one in the WithaY household.

We have made:


Spaghetti bolognese.  Which was mighty fine.

Roast lamb (to be eaten tomorrow), which made the whole house smell like the best Sunday ever.



Mr WithaY bought a load of professional mincing and sausagifying machinery, and today was the day it got tested.  He mixed a big heap of venison with some pork sausagemeat, a load of seasonings and spices bought from ye olde seasoning and spice merchants, and two bottles of red wine.  He had a huge mixing vat.

I'm not kidding.

This is with a 6'2" bloke for scale:

He also had a box of sausage skins, something you don't want to come across unexpectedly when you open the fridge looking for margerine.  Just saying. 

Anyhoo, we have a mate who is a chef and (probably) sausage expert, and she and her husband popped over this afternoon to assist with the sausage creation.  I think she and Mr WithaY made about 400 miles of sausages in the end. 

There was a bit of the meat mixture left over afterwards so I fried it up into little patties and we all tasted it.  Bloody lovely, was the general verdict.  The sausages have to mature for a couple of days in the chiller, and then Mr WithaY plans to prance round the village, distributing largesse like the Hogfather.

Other news:  Some other mates acquired a puppy this weekend.  It is a very beautiful black labrador* and has meant that Mr WithaY and I have been having The Conversation.  Again.  There are still a couple available, you see, so we could in theory just go and get another dog. 

Which would be great. 

Because we loved our last one, despite his terrifying behavioural issues.

And we missed him so much, another one would be very welcome. 

And, you know, puppies.


Anyway, the harsh reality is that with both of us working full time in jobs where dogs are not welcome (although I do like the idea of doing my 3 hour commute with a dog in tow, then having him sit under my desk all day in the office snacking on sushi and Pret a Manger crusts) it's just not practical.

But then, neither is making sausages in the garage.   

I met the little chap yesterday afternoon as he was being taken for a walk, and he is charming.  He sat down obediently and did that incredibly cute head-cocking thing at me as I talked to my mate.  He'll be getting a sausage or two, I imagine.

*Well, this is Wiltshire


UberGrumpy said...

3-hour commute?

Why not open a local sausage shop instead?

livesbythewoods said...

UberG, yes. 3 hours each way. It's very stupid, but I only do it 3 days a week. I'd die if it was every day, I think.

Middle Sis said...

Freeze the sausages and send some to us, they look fab!

Quit your job and buy a puppy.

If you need any more helpful advice just ask!

@eloh said...

Venison and pork is my absolute favorite in a summer sausage. I miss it greatly.

There really are huge food differences here in the US. I grew up in the Midwest.

It just isn't "done" here in the South.

Puppies... who can resist? Your only hope is that they are all adopted before it becomes irresistible.

Middle Sis said...

Summer sausage? Do they have seasonal meat products in the U. S of A?

How does a summer sausage differ from a winter or spring sausage?

A most excellent idea!

not twitter said...

How can you store that many sausages?

Bit early for BBQs.
If your commute is 3 hrs each way how many do you think you could sell?

livesbythewoods said...

Eloh, we eat a lot of venison, but I tend to think of it as a winter food.

Middle Sis, seasonal sausages are one of my favourite things. We will have to take another visit to the sausage shop in Bath next time you're down.

Twatter, I could get one of those little portable grill thingies and sell hot sausages inna bun on the train, maybe.