Saturday, 14 February 2009

Hot stuff

I had a pleasant surprise this morning when I weighed myself. Right up until the point where I remembered I'd had a nasty stomach upset for the best part of three days this week.

Still, I did the walk from Waterloo to Victoria on Thursday morning and it was lovely, especially as the weather had improved, and the sun was trying to shine.

In fact, at 0630 as I left the house to drive through the woods, up hill, down dale, under troll bridges and across Hobbiton, the sky was lighter in the East, and there were birds singing other than bloody owls for a change. So hurrah for that.

Mind you, when I left the office at almost six that night, it was snowing hard. Hah. However, by the time I got back to West Wiltshire it was clear, dry and much warmer. The remains of the snow shark are still in the garden, though.

Annoyingly, the local paper this week has a story about a much bigger snow shark in a local garden, but that was made by a whole team of people and it took them all day. Losers.

It also had a four page spread about The Snow, including a Snow Timeline. How useful is that, eh? I might cut it out and keep it so I can remember exactly how the Snow Chronology went, in years to come.

Other news: Today I made a Dundee cake, which looks quite nice. Also made a loaf in the breadmachine that looks like the bread Frankenstein. Not quite sure what happened, it is misshapen and wonky, but tastes fine. With Marmite, at least. And everything tastes fine with Marmite.


Isobel Martin said...

As a semi - professional user of the bread maker myself (I know the recipe for a medium white basic loaf by heart), may I suggest that your Frankenstein loaf may be due to one of two things: 1. Check your yeast storage arrangements, if it's too exposed to air it doesn't work as well. 2. If you don't take your bread out asap after it has finished it goes squishy and deformed. Hope I'm not teaching my granny how to suck eggs. Just thought you may appreciate a couple of helpful tips for your continued bread making enjoyment :-)

justme said...

Yuck! Marmite! No, no no.....