Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Darkness

Gah! The lights all went off just now, plunging everything in sight into darkness.

They came back on again pretty sharpish, but it does not bode well. I see that the pub and petrol station are still on emergency backup*, though. Better get all the candles ready, and torches, and light the fire.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is more heavy snow, so I might have to work from home again. I am missing being in the office, tapping away at my laptop feels quite lonely after 3 days of it.

Got my lovely guitar teacher coming over in a few, so I need to go and get my beautiful Rickenbacker ready. It sounds amazing, and I love it to bits.

Even without an amp, if the bloody power goes off again.

*It's like on Star Trek where they go to life support only. Everything dims, and only the Lottery machine works. And the Shields.


Manuel said...

thank you for your words the other day......all the comments mean a lot

livesbythewoods said...