Tuesday, 3 February 2009


The snow is turning to a nice mixture of hail and snow, I shall call it Snail.

I took some photos, as did everyone else in the UK. Look:

snowy bin
Our bin, last night. I spoil my readers.

Snowy lawn
Look! Footprints vanishing into the darkness! It's almost as if a big bloke walked into the garden and was then made to stay there while his over-excited wife took a picture.

Snowy car
A daylight shot of Mr WithaY's truck, please note the proliferation of overhead lines. Most artistic.

Snowy garden
The back garden in daylight, full of grumpy cold blackbirds and scary robins. We have since refilled the bird feeders and put an apple out for them. If you don't placate them, the robin god comes in the night and pulls out all your feathers.

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justme said...

I suspect more photos were taken yesterday than on any other day in the past year....I too could not resist!