Friday, 23 January 2009



This morning, as I was busily setting up my work laptop, running through the many complex security processes that have to be completed before I can check my email, I thought "Hm, this is running even slower than usual."

After 14 minutes of the login screen staring back at me, and nothing happening, I decided to switch it off and see if my PC was doing any better.

Alas, no.

I called the Orange helpline, in India, and spoke to a charming chap called Alex, although I doubt that his mates call him that. He had such a strong accent that I had a job following what he was telling me to do, expecially when I was upside down under my desk with the phone clamped to my shoulder, trying to decide which of the three cables he was telling me to unplug.

Eventually, after trying all the technical options at his disposal ("switch it off at the switch it back on again please,") he decided I need a new ASDL filter. One is apparently in the post for me even as I speak.

I hope it isn't coming all the way from India, or it will be weeks before I get my PC back on line.

I have dug out my laptop and am using that on Mr WithaY's wireless router, so the signal is intermittent, and the laptop is a lot, lot slower than the PC. But at least I can access the Web and my email.

But not my work stuff. Might be going into London every day if I can't use the bloody Internet at home.


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