Sunday, 25 January 2009

Memory failure

When we went to Frome on Saturday, we decided to call in at the huge Asda and pick up some groceries, as we were driving right past it, and it would save us driving across to the other side of town to go to Sainsbury's.

We went to Asda once before, soon after it opened, had a truly shite experience, and vowed never to return. However, that was a fair while back, and we were feeling lucky. Perhaps the dozens of aisles full of nothing but crisps, sweets and incredibly cheap clothing would have been reduced, making space for some actual food.

Who knows?

The car park was very busy, and it took us a while to find a space, not least because we were in Mr WithaY's Landrover, a beast of a vehicle that is a bit of a bugger to park. Eventually we slotted into a parking space, and walked across to the shop.

A group of elderly people were having a heated discussion with an equally elderly member of staff, standing right in the doorway, trolley and all, making it very awkward to get past.

Rather than cuffing them to the ground and striding by, I edged round them, muttering "scuse me please" politely. Bastards.

We found a trolley, no mean feat given the crowds, and started making our way through the shop. The first couple of aisles were "special offers" and consisted of mostly empty shelves, with the occassional tumbled heap of goods - washing up liquid, pan scrubbers, socks. It was like those films you used to see of Communist Eastern Europe. We put two (for the price of one!) bottles of washing-up liquid into the trolley and tried to get deeper into the shop.

Halfway through the third or fourth aisle we looked at each other in dismay, abandoned the trolley where it stood and fled, never to return.

It was a ZOO! But without the care and attention to welfare you would expect in a zoo.


Never again.

And this time I mean it.

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