Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Credit crunch

Blimey. Wednesday already. I know it's a cliche (and we're supposed to avoid them like the plague) but time does fly when I am at work these days.

The shopping trip to Bath on Sunday was very successful. My lovely mate bought some glamorous yet work-like clothes, I stocked up on tops from Long Tall Sally in the sale, we had lunch in town, and I made a huge HUGE retail error. A schoolboy error, in fact. If schoolboys buy makeup.

I don't go shopping much, except to the supermarket to buy food and toilet rolls and bin liners, so going out with a girly mate for the day is a real treat. I know this is starting to sound like a pre-emptive plea for mercy, but please do read on.

She and I went into Boots to look at makeup. I do like makeup. I don't wear it every day, although I am tending to when I am in the office these days. It's a confidence thing, see.

Crap noob with no idea about anything + eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss = confident knowledgeable woman of the world.

In my head, anyway.

Anyhoo. In Boots, mate is choosing posh expensive face care products, I am looking at the Chanel makeup on the next counter. I spotted a gorgeous nail varnish, in a vibrant yet subtle dark winy purple colour. Ideal for wearing with my black/grey/black and grey suits to work. Perfect. So practical!

Into the basket it went.

And then, a lovely lovely eyeshadow compact, two shades of purple, one pale and slightly sparkly, one deep and smoky, perfect to keep in my handbag for work emergencies. And it matches the nail varnish. So co-ordinated!

Into the basket.

A few more dull necessities later, I had finished my shopping and went to pay at the till. Ahahahahahaaaaaaaaa. They don't put prices on stuff at the Chanel counter. It was after I left the shop that I thought "Hm, that was expensive for half a dozen items...let me check the receipt."

Let's just say I will be wearing my new eyeshadow every day for the rest of my life to get my money's worth.

Other news: Is anyone else dismayed by the increasing prevelance of rock icons advertising sad sad things?

Iggy Pop advertising insurance, for example.

Alice Cooper advertising building society name changes?


What's next? Angus Young advertising retirement apartments in Portugal? Slash endorsing Specsavers? Ian Anderson putting his name to vitamin supplements?



badgerdaddy said...

Oh, that line made me laugh... About clich├ęs, and plagues.
Unlucky on the make-up front. I've always been a fan of Nars make-up. Brilliant stuff.

Jaywalker said...

Yes, Iggy Pop. That DESTROYED me. Oh yes, Chanel make up is a bastard. But you will get your money's worth, eventually.

livesbythewoods said...

Badgerdaddy, sad to say I nicked it off my mate Kev, who once took a creative writing class.

The teacher said "Of course, we must try to avoid cliches" and Kev chipped in from the back of the class " the plague."

Jaywalker, the poster at Waterloo Station literally stopped me in my tracks. I didn't quite fall to the ground crying "WHYYYYYYYYY?" but it was close.

And the Chanel eyeshadow is already a favourite. Just as well.

Jaywalker said...

Did you see? I linked to you! People can come and admire your tank now.

livesbythewoods said...

Jaywalker! Yay! My tank is a thing of beauty and ought to be widely admired.