Sunday, 25 January 2009

Repeat to fade

Bloody computer did it again. Was in the middle of looking for a parquet floor specialist to come and restore our downstairs floors to their former glory, and the internet fell over.

The Orange Internet service really seems to be a bit flaky. If I can't rely on it to stay up and running, I can't work at home, and thus would have to flog into London 5 days a week, which would kill me.

Other news: Made a fab lasagna for tomorrow, but am seriously tempted to go and eat it now.

Have made some cakes, which I might ice, or might not.

Am learning to play "Because the Night" on my guitar, which is hugely satisfying.

Found out my beautiful "leaving my job after 20 years in the Department" ring is made of 18ct white gold, and not silver, as I thought. Yay me. We went into Frome yesterday, during the only period when it rained all day, and I popped into a little jewellers.

Also popped into the guitar shop and talked about 12-string electric Rickenbackers with them. It's my birthday next week, so if anyone wants to get me a gift, one of those would be very welcome. Only £1500. Bargain.

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justme said...

Hmmmm. There are so many different ways to connect to the internet these OUGHT to be possible to have a reliable one!
I work from home a couple of days a week. I have had no problems with virgin......although I have a back up t mobile card for my work laptop and a Blackberry as well just in case!
I LOVE lasagna. Although im my case it has to be vegetarian. Yummmm.....