Sunday, 18 January 2009

Bath time

I'm off shopping in Bath in a little while with a lovely mate. She found out this week that she was successful in her Very Important Interview, and therefore needs to buy suitable clothes for a scary London job.

And (ha!) she asked if I wanted to come with her. So, of course, with my fantastic sartorial track record, how could I refuse?

My plans, other than saying "Mmmm, that looks smart" a lot, are to look at spoons* in Habitat, maybe think about curtains if I see anything I like, and possibly get some more earrings.

Haven't been to Bath for months and months, possibly not since Eldest Niece was here in the summer, so it will be fun to look around a bit.

And then, later, when I get home, I am making marmalade. On a whim I bought 2 kilos of marmalade oranges yesterday, and spent an hour slicing them insanely thinly**. They have been soaking in a bowl of water overnight, as per the recipe, and now need to be cooked for an hour with a shitload*** of sugar till it marmalises.

Right. Time to find shoes that won't rub my newly-healed blister to bits again.

*At, not into. Although I might do that too.
**After I got them home, not while I was still in the supermarket.
***Official British measurement of quantity, American readers.


badgerdaddy said...

I did a feature about marmalade once, and discovered 'traditional' marmalade recipes are a load of bollocks. That's a very modern way of making it, it turns out. When marmalade was 'invented', sugar was very scarce, so there's no way they could have done it that way. But a historian in Norwich discovered this and has also recreated the slicing machine they used, which cut them mega-mega-mega thin, so thin that they became more of a part of the 'lade, than a chunk of any kind. I've tasted the real deal, and it's incredible - and uses a fraction of the sugar, too.

Enough of my rambling - you can find the first bit of the article here...

Caro said...

Hey, americans use shitloads as a measurement too! Okay, actually we use buttloads. Still it's similar.

justme said...

Happy shopping!

Mr Farty said...

Mmmmmmarmalade! I like mine nice and chunky, but Mrs F likes shredless. Wouldn't it be terrible if we were all the same?

livesbythewoods said...

Damn, missed all these comments earlier!

The marmalade was v successful, I shredded everything really thinly which meant that it has a fab texture.

Caro, I like the idea of a buttload of something.

Justme, thank you, we had a fine day out.

Mr Farty, if I can work out a way of putting both types in one jar I reckon my fortune is made.