Sunday, 24 August 2008

Horror story (PG)

We've been busy here today. Mr WithaY came home a day early from his dive trip to Plymouth so was at a bit of a loose end. And what does one do on a Sunday afternoon, when one is at a loose end?



In response to Jaywalker's impassioned plea, he got busy.

I married a genius. A warped, disturbing genius, but a genius nonetheless.

And, because a stolen good idea is far better than having to go to all the bother of coming up with your own, a little photostory for you:

Tralalalalaaaaaaaaaa...happy little fishies out for a pleasant swim in tropical waters, enjoying the sunshine.


And hey, here are the guys! Guys! Hi! You're all out for a swim too? Excellent! Let's all mosey along together. Tralalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaa etcetera.


Tum te tum te tum....happy as can be, not a care in the wor.....uh-oh. Anyone else feel something really big swim by?


No? Must have been my imagination. Heh. Wow, what a great swim....what?? No! Fuck! Aieeeeee! Swim for it lads! Swim for your lives! Save yourselves!


Damn it! We never leave a man behind! Oh dear lord, look at it's TEETH! It's devouring Dave! Too late for me, but you can get away! Swim, lad, SWIIIIIIIM!!!


Bwahahahahaaaaaaaaa. My evil broccoli lure worked like a charm. Nom nom nom nom.


Thank you.


Mr Farty said...

"Nom nom nom nom."

You are crazy, woman. Just crazy.

I've still got time to submit my own, right?

livesbythewoods said...

I think so, talk to Jaywalker over at Belgian Waffle.

Lord, I remember when sentences like that were unthinkable, never mind making sense.

Slyde said...

that was completely OUTRAGEOUS! i love it!

Jaywalker said...

Really, the only place to go from here is vegetable wrestling no? The angler fish vs the marrowdile. We could do an awesome photostory of that I think....

Mr Farty, you have until 31st August to torture vegetables. I await your entry with trepidation and interest.