Sunday, 3 August 2008


I did it. Last night I played a song on my guitar in public, with a proper band. And it was bloody excellent fun.

I didn't forget where I had to come in at the beginning, or where I had to shut up in the middle 8, or when I had to start up again for the big finish. I got all the chords right. I even managed to sing along and remember all the words.

Maybe if I get to do it again I'll have a mic as well as an amp.

The event they were playing at was in the local pub, in aid of Help for Heroes and the NABD , and apparently raised over £300.

My Youngest Sis, her boyfriend and my Eldest Niece were all there too which was lovely. Apparently (and she'll kill me for this), Youngest Sis got all teary-eyed and emotional.

I assume with pride, rather than at my playing.

We had a fantastic success rate on the raffle there too. I am now the proud owner of a funky new crash helmet*, and Mr WithaY has been given a splendid new bike jacket which Youngest Sis won. Not bad for 4 quid's worth of raffle tickets.

I actually won two prizes but decide to keep quiet and not go up to claim the second one as I already had what I thought was the top prize.

I am so going straight to Heaven.

There were some right scary looking "too cool for school" biker types there, which was entertaining. There was also a good sprinkling of mates from the village, so it felt like a friendly crowd all night.

I think the cider might have helped me with my "everyone is lovely and friendly" outlook, in retrospect.

Anyway, Eldest Niece is here to stay for the week, we are going to take a few day trips out and about. Planning to go to Bath tomorrow, so I am hoping it stops raining, or we'll have to spend the whole day in shops. Nightmare.

I think we might be buying some hair straighteners.

I have never straightened my hair, so if it looks especially fantastic I might take a picture. Also, if I set it alight and have to have my head shaved, I will let you know.

*Now I have to get another bike, really.


Peter said...

Yay! Must have been quite a moment!


Yay. Go you. Even the simplest chords can suddenly become complex mysteries when performed in front of other people. You seem to have controlled your nerves like a legend.

By the way, even if the hair straightening turns out to be a terrific success, I would still recommend that you shave your head. Everyone should try it once. It feels really great (although in my case, unfortunately, it made me look absolutely disgusting.) Seriously, give it a whirl. The action feels somehow liberating.

Congratulations again on managing to play your guitar in public.

Kind regards etc..


livesbythewoods said...

Peter, it was brilliant. According to my guitar teacher I was "rock solid" which I am very proud of.

TPE, thank you. I will let you know how the new hair-ironing endeavours turn out. Mr WithaY bought some new hair clippers so if we need to, we can both shave our heads.

badgerdaddy said...

I forgot to post my congratulations, sorry... So here they are. x

B.E. Earl said...

That's awesome!

Glad your first go-around was such a success! And Rock Solid is the way to go.

What was your playlist like?

livesbythewoods said...

badgerdaddy, thank you. You are still missed you know. x

Earl, I was so pleased. All I could think as I came offstage was "I didn't fuck up! I didn't fuck up!" Heh.

I did one song with them, Bryan Adams' "Run To You". One of my all time favourites, so it was extra glorious.