Tuesday, 5 August 2008


So, I've been to Bath today.



We thought about going to have a giant teacake there but we ate our own weight in chicken at Wagamama's for lunch, so were too full on the way back to the car. Maybe next time.

It was rainy and warm, a nightmare combination, because you're wearing a coat to stop you getting wet, then you're far too hot. Because you're wearing a big raincoat.

Why aren't scientists fixing stuff like that? Tch.

Bath is having some sort of pigfest . We spotted several.







I particularly like "Piggles" at the end there.

The one with the bandage had a little sign saying "I have been to hospital, please DO NOT sit on me." Maybe I was seeing things, but he had a worried look in his eye.

I have a lovely picture in my head of 25 foreign* tourists all piling on his back and trying to take an amusing photo, with hilarious consequences.

Other news: Remember my glorious raffle victory from the weekend? Yeah you do. When I played my guitar with the band. Did I mention that already?

Well, check this out, all you sad unlucky non-raffle winners:



How great is that, eh?

Also. Been shopping for anti-mole hardware.

The problem:



Bastards have dug trenches all over the front garden, and are now making mole hills. So, I took Eldest Niece into town to the ironmongers** where we both eyed up the handsome young man behind the counter while I asked his advice. I bought this:


It's been installed:


Having a top-of-the-range sonic disrupter in the garden hasn't stopped Mr WithaY jabbing the ground with his longbow arrow, muttering furiously.

Tomorrow we're off to Salisbury, to the cinema if we can all agree on a film. I want to see the X Files, but as I am the only geek in the house, I may get outvoted.

We are definitely going to the Thai restaurant to eat, and I expect we'll look at eye makeup for a few hours. Eldest Niece is a bit of an expert. I haven't used so much makeup since I was testing the new camo range at the AGC open day.

Oh yes. Bought some hair straighteners. Managed not to set my hair alight. A proud day. My hair looked pretty much the same, but lacking the interesting waves and curls which make it look a bit special. So. Money well spent there.

I am going to give Eldest Niece ringlets*** at some point. What larks. It's fun being a girl. I forget sometimes.

*Italian, probably

**She's having the time of her life.

***She asked me to, it's not a punishment.


badgerdaddy said...

Go see The Dark Knight, it's fucking brilliant.

As for motorcycle bits and bobs, Trphy Wife's first job in fashion was designing motorbike gear for Frank Thomas. All good fun. Except now it's known as Wank Thomas in this house, because they're a bunch of exploitative arseholes.

Anonymous said...

so much to like here! wagamama - yum; pigs - gorgey; mole repellant thingy really does work. i think it's bit like that mosquito thing they use on teenagers ... come to think of it ...

livesbythewoods said...

badgerdaddy, The Dark Knight, hmmm, mixed feelings about that one. Might watch it on DVD, or go with Mr WithaY when I am feeling brave. I'm not good with gore.

rivergirlie, I really hope the mole thingy works. Bastard is driving us mad here.

badgerdaddy said...

No gore in it at all, I promise you! It's a 12A after all... Seriously, I remember very, very little blood on screen. It's way too good to wait for the DVD.

It's so good, it's art.

livesbythewoods said...

Well, I was traumatised by "I am Legend", remember. I am a bit of a wuss.

Z said...

A lot of complaints about it being 12A, seems that the Board were lobbied heavily by Warner Brothers.

Norwich is full of painted elephants.

livesbythewoods said...

Z, yeah, I heard that too. A few mates who've been to see it said they wouldn't have taken anyone under 15 to see it.

Re: Elephants in Norwich - why?

Z said...

Much the same as the pigs in Bath - each of 100 model elephants has been painted by a different organisation, artist, whatever and, at the end of the month they will be auctioned for charity. The minimum bid for each will be £1000, I understand.

livesbythewoods said...

Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigs iiiiiiiiiiiin Baaaaaaaaaaaath.

They are going for a minimum bid of 1250, which is a shame because I had my eye on the one with the windows all over it.

tpe said...

The pigs are glorious. I love things like this. (I remember something similar with cows in Edinburgh.) And Piggles, of course, is genius. Malign genius, perhaps, but genius nevertheless.

No real twinges of jealousy re the motorbike stuff, I think it's fair to say, although I'm sure you could sell it and put the proceeds towards a bid for Piggles. Then I'd be plenty jealous.

Bath, from what I gather, is perfectly beautiful. You always seem to be out and about - or is that just my imagination?

And what is this "mosquito thing" they use on teenagers (that Rivergirlie mentioned)? And who are "they", come to think of it? I want to use a mosquito thing on teenagers - I feel sure of it.

Anyway, well done for not burning your hair and thank you, too, for a multi-layered post with stupid amounts of interesting stuff in it.

Kind regards etc (from a very misty, cold and damp Ireland).....


livesbythewoods said...

TPE, nice to see you. Bath is lovely, even when it's being rained on like something out of a disaster movie.

The pigs are excellent, I am still coveting the window pig.

Out and about all the time? Not really, we've been out a fair bit lately what with having a houseguest and all, I suppose.

I like to keep busy.

badgerdaddy said...

tpe, the mosquito thing is a device which lets out a high-pitched whine which drives teenagers away from wherever it is. Young folk have a greater spectrum of hearing than old uns, up to about 23 or something, and folk like myself wouldn't hear it at all. Controversial stuff indeed, and I daresay you wouldn't want to be pushing a pram past a shop using one.


Badgerdaddy - thank you, thank you. I think I would still quite like to use one of these things on a teenager, however (bad memories from Glasgow, I'm afraid), just to kind of see what happened.

On a different level, however, this strikes me as being absolutely appalling. These are inelegant times we live in, BD, and this seems like an accessory to the facts. What a miserable response to social deviancy.

Thanks again for taking the time to answer - and sorry it took me so long to spot the fact that you done so.

(Hello, Lives by the Woods, I hope you're having a splendid evening. Busy busy busy.)

Kind regards etc...