Thursday, 21 August 2008

Conspiracy theory

Well, I have sent in a couple of job applications to the jobs in London. We shall see what happens. I do feel a bit better about things this week, possibly because there is a huge high-level crucial meeting (HHLCM) planned for early September which will finally sort out my project.

We'll either get funded and be able to continue, or we won't, in which case my team will disband and we will find other stuff to do. Either one works for me, and at least we'll have a clear idea of what we are doing.

This week I have mostly been drafting briefing material for the HHLCM meeting.

I was in the Bristol office yesterday, which was interesting. The majority of the larger team are based there, so it was nice to put some faces to names. I also nicked a handful of the corporate branded gear to give to the team back here, so we have the same stuff as the rest of the team.

A colleague who lives a couple of villages away gave me a lift, so I was at her house by 7.30, and we had an enjoyable drive, sharing strategic vision* and planning the way ahead**.

Other news: The mole is still there. Mr WithaY and I are now being driven mad by the sonic mole-repeller thingy, but the mole seems to be either deaf or a trance music fan.

Heard an interesting theory on badger culling the other day. A colleague believes that it is already happening on a widespread scale, but those responsible are leaving the dead badgers at the side of the road "to make it look like an accident".


*Talking about our colleagues
**Discussing who we'd rather work for

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