Monday, 14 April 2008


...of God weather, that's what we are having today. Charming.

Well, it seems that Toyota are not prepared to cough up anything towards the huge bill I am now landed with. I spoke to their customer services people today and ended up asking for the name and address of the relevant manager. There's no point getting cross with the people who answer the phones, really.

I shall write to him and explain how I feel about this, and see if I get a reply. They are inconsistent with the reasons for not offering any kind of goodwill gesture towards helping with the bill.

Sometimes it's because my car is too old, then it's because my car is too late a model and has already been fitted with the fixed flywheel, sometimes it's because of the mileage I have done. I am not sure they have any kind of consistent policy on this at all.

Anyhoo, I have booked it in to get everything fixed next week. Fingers crossed it lasts me till then.

Other news: Bought a new PC after work tonight. I was so hacked off that I decided to cheer myself up by spending yet more money I don't have.

Sound fiscal policy, I think you'll agree.

It has graphics and everything. I think I scared the lad in the shop though. He came sauntering up and asked me if he could help with anything, so I told him what I wanted. He took me to the PC section and pointed at the most expensive one, and said "I think that's what you want." I asked him what the processing power was like.

"3 MB madam," he said, pointing proudly at the little notice.

I said no, that's the RAM. What type of processor does it have? How many GHz?

He went and fetched someone else to deal with me after that.

Ah well, got it up and running and connected up to the interweb. Just need to get all my iTunes onto it now.

And photos.

And Favourites.

But otherwise, it's perfect.

Off to London again tomorrow. Joy.


Jon said...

Was he on work experience or something? Something tells me he really shouldn't be working in such a place if he can't answer a question like that. Although top marks for calling you madam and not sir, as in the Deepcut story :p

badgerdaddy said...

A mate of mine once tried to convince me to buy a PC just to play Championship Manager. His theory was that I would save a fortune as I would simply never go out again. He was probably right, but I would rather go out.

Mr Farty said...

Ah, but did your new PC come with the current version of t'interweb? Can't be too careful...

livesbythewoods said...

Jon, he was very young and very nervous. He actually backed away from me while I asked him questions.

badgerdaddy, your mate is right and yet so very wrong. Anyway, factor in the cost of electricity and snacks and it's probably cheaper to go out.

Mr F, I think so. Ted Heath is still prime minister, isn't he?