Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Graphic imagery

Well, I had my new PC for about 12 hours before it broke. Is this a record? Probably not, considering it has Vista on it, to be honest.

I got it home from the shop, unpacked it, plugged it in, connected my interweb connector box thingy and hoopla, it worked. I could see the bbc web page and everything.


So, last night I logged in to check my email (none, miserable billy no-mates that I am), play a few moves on my ongoing tragic Scrabble addiction, and see if I could get Photoshop loaded up. Aaah, all was going splendidly well.

But wait....what's this? I got a popup saying that there were some HP* uploads (downloads?) needed, and would I allow them to be done? Why of course. Anything for you, new PC. Suck those delicious healthy upgrades from the internet and grow up big and strong for me. Mmm-mm.

Halfway through the uploading process, my funky new monitor flickered, blinked a couple of times, went black, then came back with a completely crap display resolution. The upload had managed to wipe out the graphics card driver.

Bloody great.

Much panicking later, I found the Restore facility in the "what to do when Vista breaks your new PC, be assured that it WILL" booklet. All is well. For now.


Other news: Successful trip to London yesterday. Meeting was useful, and I met Tall Richard for a cup of tea and a chat beforehand, which was very pleasant.

Also found a great birthday gift for Mr WithaY in the dive shop on the Embankment, which I walk past to get to the office.

Spotted this sign at Overton as the train sat at the station:

"Notice is hereby given that this footpath is not dedicated to the public."

I love that idea. I am going to start a campaign for more such signs:

"This stile is dedicated to Frank Sinatra."

"This footpath is dedicated to the people of Andorra."

"This railway platform is dedicated to the memory of King Charles the Bold."

It's a winner on so many levels.

*The computer manufacturer, not the brown sauce maker. I assume they are two different organisations, anyway.


Caro said...

You fixed it yourself though. That's wonderful!

Peter said...

Ha. Love it.

livesbythewoods said...

Caro, I was so relieved, and also proud of myself. Reading the manual, always a good idea.

Peter, think we could sell it to anyone?