Thursday, 10 April 2008

Still unlucky

I love my car. I hate that it is causing me so much grief.

Gah. I am not giving up yet. Toyota will call me back because the girl I spoke to in their customer services section was a bit confused, and when I explained the situation she said "I need to talk to somebody else about this."

So. We shall see.

Other news: Was in London yesterday for work, and took some pictures on my phone, as it was such a lovely day.

Would have posted them on here but Photobucket crashes Internet Explorer every time I try to resize them to fit on the blog page. So fuck that.

I walked MILES. Mostly because the building I had to get to wasn't where I thought it was. Not it's fault, you understand.

But it meant I got to where I thought it was, and it wasn't. So I had to trot up and down the length of Whitehall asking various amused policemen how to get there. Made it in time for my meeting, but was a bit hot and flustered by the time I arrived.

Never mind, I'm sure the walking did me a power of good. I even ran, earlier that day. Haven't run for about 3 years, and didn't drop dead, so that was encouraging.

I was driving to Tisbury station, and remembered that there were signs up all along the road giving advance warning of tree felling, road closures and other assorted hasslery. I decided to avoid that closed road, and go the long way round.

It was nightmarish. There were no signs, it being teeny back roads in the middle of Wiltshire, so every junction I got to, I was guessing which way to go. It was foggy, icy and sunny, so it was like driving around inside a ping pong ball. And, obviously, it took me far longer to get to the station than I had expected.

By the time I got to the station it was a bit too close to train time for comfort. I had to run to the car park ticket machine (why don't they use the RinGo system there?) and then run back to the car, and then run to the ticket office.

I was handed my tickets at the same time as the train pulled into the station, so I took my seat with no small relief.

On the way home, a guy settled himself on the seat next to mine on the other side of the walkway. He was on his phone, having a work related conversation, and as he chatted he unloaded a laptop, a set of headphones, another phone/PDA thing, and a heap of snacks.

I watched (discreetly) as he finished his call, settled down, got the laptop up and running, put his headphones on and opened his sushi. I was impressed with his dedication to work, right up until I realised he was watching an episode of The Green Wing. Excellent.

Oh yeah, I forgot about the morning's whole Road Closed debacle and forgetfully went home along that road. Which wasn't closed at all, the bastards.


elizabeth said...

"Haven't run for about 3 years, and didn't drop dead, so that was encouraging."

I nearly drop dead every time I run... which I do about 4 times a week.

Slightly discouraging.

livesbythewoods said...
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Jon said...

What is it with these bastarding Wiltshire roads?

badgerdaddy said...

Sorry about the car stuff. That's a real shitting shitter. Fingers crossed.

livesbythewoods said...

Elizabeth, I admire your dedication. (Have deleted my earlier, slightly grumpy comment, sorry about that).

Jon, it is ok unless you have a train to catch. Which I did.

badgerdaddy, tell me about it. I am still keeping my fingers crossed but am less optimistic.