Friday, 25 April 2008

...and five pence

£2178. The final bill for my car. Oh, and five pence. I've had cars that cost me less than that to buy, never mind repair.


I wonder if I could have opted to not have that extra 5p worth of fixing to round it all off nicely.

I should get mine back any minute now. The very nice* people at the garage are dropping it round to my house this morning. I hope that this will be the last time it ever has to have anything like as much fixing done. I've only had the damn thing 2 years, and I bought it because I thought it would be really reliable and low-maintenance.

What a fool, what a crazy, stupid fool I was.

Ooh, just went to answer the door. My car is back. Yay! And they washed** it.

Right. Off to work. Be good.

*Well they would be, they have over 2 grand of my money

**Well, they would have, they have over 2 grand...etc


badgerdaddy said...

Fucking hell. I couldn't raise that sort of cash if I sold everything I owned. And I include wife and stepdaughter in that.

Oooh, unless I sold them in bits.

livesbythewoods said...

Nice image, thanks for that.

Thank the lord for credit cards, eh?