Sunday, 13 April 2008


...just get better and better.

I need a new PC as well now. My laptop, which has always been crap graphics-wise is finally unable to cope with what I need it to do. So. Off to PC World after work tomorrow to see how much a PC with a decent graphics capability will cost.


Still no word from Toyota. I will ring them tomorrow to find out what they are going to do (if anything) and then book my car in to get it fixed anyway. Sod's law says that if I leave it, the flywheel will come winging off where it's supposed to be, destroy the clutch, knacker the engine, blow a hole in the bonnet, and, given my track record, probably take my head off in passing as it flies into the hedge.

I laughed (briefly) at work on Friday. I fell into conversation with the boss of the team I work with as we walked to the building from the car park,and I told him all about my car-related woes. He thought for a few moments, then said "Have you told Toyota what you do for a living?"*

Funnily enough, the very same though had occurred to me as I drove back from the garage on Thursday. I decided (reluctantly) that it would probably amount to gross professional misconduct if I mentioned it in a "Oh by the way....aaaaand NOW how helpful do you plan to be, exactly?" kind of way.

But it amused me that the boss thought of it too.

Other news: Have done some more gardening over the weekend, in between torrential hail showers. Moved my Japanese anemone from the slightly odd place in the middle of the lawn where it got planted originally, and am hoping it survives. Mr WithaY and I also shifted all the logs and branches off the lawn from last weekend when our lovely foresting neighbour came round and chainsawed a tree down for us**.

Have been fairly dull and domestic this weekend. Mr WithaY is much better but still coughing a lot, so we've had a quiet couple of days at home.

We watched "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" on TV last night, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Also saw "Memento" the other weekend, with Guy Pearce. I mean, he was in it, he didnt come round to watch it with me***. Anyhoo, it was a very entertaining film to watch, reminded me a bit of "The Usual Suspects" or "Pulp Fiction" in the way it kept chopping and changing the timeline. But I like that. And Mr Pearce is always worth looking at.

Maybe my premium bond will come up. Fingers crossed.

*Suffice to say it relates to vehicles.

**We asked him to. He didn't just turn up and start demolishing the garden.

***He never does, no matter how many times I write and invite him.


Manuel said...

sorry....aint been round much......will rectify that from now......

badgerdaddy said...

You're probably only looking at £300 for a new comp - you can get a very, very good machine quite cheaply these days.

Of course, 'cheap' is all relative, next to your Toyota woes.

B.E. Earl said...

Guy Pearce (didn't realize he spelled his name that way until just now) is a bit too "model pretty" for me to take seriously, but I enjoyed Memento alot.

True story...our DVD of it went on the fritz at the beginning of the film and kept playing the first 2 minutes over and over again. We knew the movie had some repetitive flashbacks so it took us 20 minutes to figure out that something was wrong!

livesbythewoods said...

Manuel, hello, noticed you had gone a bit quiet. Glad you're about.

badgerdaddy, I went into a kind of psychotic financial denial and just went and bought one from Comet. Yes, I know.

Mr E, that is a great story. Avant garde cinema can be such a a challenge. Heh.