Thursday, 27 March 2008

That's Entertainment

We have been culture vultures. In a very small way, and not proper black tie and opera glasses culture, but still. Culture sparrows, perhaps.

We went to see Omid Djalili on Tuesday night at Salisbury City Hall....Ahhh, the bright lights, the roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd etc. He was interesting and amusing, but to be honest his support act, Boothby Graffoe, made me laugh more.

Just Googled him...he's from Hull. Who'd have thought?

If you haven't already seen it, I can recommend Omid Djalili's "Nigerian Traffic Warden" impression. Apparently it has got him out of a few parking tickets.

It was a very pleasant change, going out in the week. We went out for dinner* first and everything. How grown up we are. Most of the other people in the restaurant were also at the show, we realised as the evening progressed.

I love tiered seating in the theatre, you can look at everyone else without appearing unduly nosy.

I took Wednesday off work** and during the day I rang the local garage to book my car in for a service. I mentioned to them that it has been a bit juddery of late. The ensuing conversation left me very depressed.

Apparently there is a known fault with the hjdgi ybfps vfdg jfdsfg jvfdzdfs*** and the manufacturer is going to do a recall. So, I might be without a car for a bit. In the meantime, it is going in for a service tomorrow. Hopefully I will still be able to at least use impulse power after that.

Mr WithaY's Landrover is a bit shagged**** as well, so we could be completely car-less. Nightmare. If we miss the bi-weekly bus to town we're buggered.

Other news: We had a threatening letter from a satellite TV provider today. Straight up.

We had a subscription to a couple of channels which, to be totally honest, we had forgotten about and never watched. So, when we remembered we were due to renew our subscription soon, we decided not to and cancelled the direct debit at the bank.

Today, we had a letter saying that unless we sent them the payment within 7 days they would be contacting a debt collection agency.


Mr WithaY got on the phone straight away to them. He got, not as you might expect, an apology, but a grudging "Oh yeah, our system made a mistake."

It's just crap and intimidating, and there's no excuse for it. We shall NOT be using their services again. Ever.

On the bright side, watched X-Men 2 last night on DVD, which we hadn't seen before. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Can see why Hugh Jackman's wife got him to take his X-Men uniform home after filming had finished.

Mmmmmmm Wolverine.

*Ask, where we both had pasta. I know some of you keep tabs on what we eat.

**Not hung over, as my staff accusingly assumed, just tired after a v late night.

***It was a bit like Star Trek where they give a v long gibberish tech explanation of why the ship will explode in EXACTLY 2 hours. I went "mmhmm....mmhmmm....oh shit, really?....mmmhmmm" a lot.

****Conked out 3 times on a 4 mile trip to the supermarket and back. Gah.


Mr Farty said...

Oh, Omid Thingy - seen him on tv a few times. He is good, isn't he?

Sorry to hear about the transporter malfunction.

badgerdaddy said...

X2 is really quite wonderful. But for God's sake, don't watch X3. It's a real fucking turd. Directed by an utter hack. The difference between movies could not be greater.

Just saying.

Caro said...

Yep, wolverine, mmmmmm.

Sorry about the car problems. I understand your pain.

My husband has two fiats and I feel like we single-handedly support international auto parts. LOL He uses technical car terms too. Right now the whazzit isn't sending power to the thingamajiggy.

livesbythewoods said...

Mr F, Omid was very entertaining, if you get the chance go and see him.

Badgerdaddy, too late, too late, we already saw X-3, prior to X-2. And yes, X-2 is a much better film.

Caro, I would not say no to Mr J, if you get my drift. Specially in his Wolverine gear.

Anyhoo. Cars. They're all bastards.