Sunday, 23 March 2008


Yes indeed.

It's been snowing like you wouldn't believe, here. Not for very long, and not so that it stuck, but still. Impressive blizzard thing going on this morning as we sat devouring our Easter boiled eggs and bagels. Mmmm. Bagels.

Had Middle Sis and her family here for a few days, which was very pleasant. We went into Salisbury yesterday to get a bit of shopping; the children had pocket money burning holes in their pockets, and Bro-in-Law was on a quest for new shoes. I was after some iron cleaner, Middle Sis needed ant traps.

If you had told us when we were 18-year-old rock goddesses that we would get mildly excited about going to Lakeland to buy ant traps and iron cleaner, we would have mocked and derided you. Or possibly shot ourselves.

Strange how things turn out.

Middle Sis amused herself whilst in Lakeland by giving her children various hilarious items to "give to Auntie Lucy", including large jars of Wrinkle Remover. Ha bloody ha.

It was bloody freezing walking round town, so we all scooted into a very nice pizza place* for lunch, then fled back to the car, stopping to stock up on lovely greetings cards and Faberge stylee eggs at the Museum Shop, which I had never been into before.

One of the nice things about not living in town any more is that there are always new shops to look at, especially as I only get into Salibury about once every 6 weeks these days.

We made a rather fab (though I say so myself) Indian meal for supper last night. Tandoori chicken, a great beef curry, samosas, onion bhajis, naan bread, rice and all kinds of pickles. And, a first for me, an Indian baked yoghurt pudding, which worked really well and which I will be making again.

Then we all settled in front of the fire and watched Stardust on DVD, which was lovely. Most relaxing.

Bro-in-Law and Mr WithaY dragged the chidren out of the cosy warm house at knifepoint this morning for a brisk** walk around Heaven's Gate. They came back bitterly disappointed that they hadn't seen any rhinos. There were camels and "cows with very long horns" but I could tell it wasn't really the same.

One huge roast chicken lunch later, they headed back to London. The house feels really big and really, really quiet now.


*Prezzo, where Beech's bookshop used to be.

**They were told they'd enjoy it when they got there. Heh.


B.E. Earl said...

I've been anxiously watching Stardust move up on our NetFlix queue. Can't wait for it to arrive...maybe I will nudge it a bit. ;)

Neil Gaiman is the best!

livesbythewoods said...

He is a genius. And the film, whilst very different from the book, is a delight.