Tuesday, 18 March 2008


Or garbage, for the Americans among you. Trash, possibly.

Feeling much better today and am in the office. And hey, guess what? All the bins have vanished*.

The individual metal waste bins by the all the desks have gone.
The big plastic flip-top bin in the little kitchen place has gone.
The waste baskets in the conference rooms are still there I think, but for how long we don't know.

Apparently everyone came to work yesterday and discovered a bin-free zone.


Well, we asked that question.

It's all to do with recycling, apparently. We now have to put all our scrap paper into the recycling bags, which get picked up about once a week. Fair enough.

But what about banana skins, orange peel, milk cartons, apple cores, used tea bags, sandwich wrappers etcetera etcetera etcetera?**

Well, it seems that all that stuff is being dumped in a small plastic box on the counter in the kitchen. By 0945 this morning, the box was already full, mostly of tea bags. It already smelled bad.


Today is a quiet day, it being the Easter week, lots of people are off on holiday. And the weather is cool today. What will it be like in a few weeks time, when the offices are all fully manned, and the weather is 10 degrees warmer?

And, more importantly, what the FUCK have they done with all the bins? Melted them down to make Spitfires?

*I don't think those two facts are related.

** Copyright: King of Siam


B.E. Earl said...

I think that Willy Wonka may have used that etcetera line as well.


livesbythewoods said...

That chocolate-producing BASTARD.

I will send my second round there with a challenge forthwith.

MP3 e MP4 said...
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livesbythewoods said...

Um. Thanks.

John said...

Ooh I want a hug, I want a hug!

No actually....No I would actually rather eat raw chicken for a living.

livesbythewoods said...

Hey....that's not a friendly message at all! It's spam! Fucker!