Thursday, 6 March 2008

Its a long way...

Been unbelievably busy with work this week. Anyone would think they paid me, the amount of stuff I have to do for them.

We had a Huge And Important Meeting on Tuesday which took a ton of arranging, what with all the admin stuff (book room, book coffee, book IT, get agenda and reading materials sent out etc), and all the face to face pre-meeting briefing that was going on.

And that's before having to round up the 20-odd people who all had to be there. Herding cats. Oh yes.

By the time the actual meeting came around I was all set to do a Bridget Jones and shout "Oh, why don't you all just go and fuck yourselves!" as they turned up.

I didn't do that.

Well, maybe in my head. Briefly.

Anyhoo, meeting went ok, lots of useful stuff was said, lots of key people were there, nobody threw anything, nobody demanded my head be placed on a spike outside the building. So. A good day.

Wednesday night was interesting.

I went and sat in on the band rehearsal. Boy was it interesting. And boy did I realise I am pretty fucking far from being a musician. Rather dispiriting, to be honest.

Apart from a couple of karaoke encounters* I have never sung into a microphone before, and the whole "not being able to hear myself" meant that I had no idea if I was even in tune. So, not good.


Managed to play rhythm guitar** on a couple of songs, which was nice. But I am feeling really low today. It's horrible to feel that rather than being quite good at something you are in fact mediocre and a rank amateur.

I went to London today, which meant an early start and a long, busy, demanding day. So I am knackered right now.

On the bright side, met up with my most excellent mate Tall Richard and had a fine lunch in a subterranean bar place in Whitehall. Was fab. Wish I'd paid more attention to the name so I could recommend it to you all.


Overheard a conversation on the platform this morning as we all waited for the train. The local school was celebrating (if that's the right word) Book Week by having all the children dress up as their favourite character from a book.

Parent 1: We were up till 9 last night making wizard hats out of cardboard and gaffer tape.

Parent 2: Oh yes, Harry Potter. My eldest is going as Professor McGonnagle (sp?). Hair in a bun, glasses, robes, the lot. What are yours going as, Parent 3?

Parent 3 (gloomily): The eldest is going as Captain Jack Sparrow. She's read the book of the film, so she says it counts.


Parent 1: And your youngest? What's she going as?

Parent 3 (even more gloomily): Perseus. This morning I had to make a bag with a load of snakes poking out the top for the Medusa's head.

What a way to start the day.

*when I was drunk. And out with a load of mates.

**well, the easy bits at least


badgerdaddy said...

All of those people were where you are right now, and they probably learned it all younger, too - which means they had a lot more time to fanny about with it as they probably didn't have jobs and lived with parents!

So don't be going down that road - be pleased that you have progressed enough to be doing this. And remember, it's your guitar teacher who thinks you can do this, so unless he's a total tool - which I doubt - then you probably can. x

Spen said...

I agree with badgerdaddy. I couldn't draw for toffee, and now I can draw for several half-chewed toffees, eventually we will all feast on toffee with practice and dedication. Dedications what you neeeeeed. Keep going, you've already come so far.

livesbythewoods said...

badgerdaddy, Spen, you are both quite right. I will go along on Saturday night and belt out a song.

With practice and more confidence things will improve.

And Spence, I remember your earliest toffee-earning efforts. And now look at you ...the Caramel King.