Sunday, 30 March 2008


That's what we are, here in the WithaY household. We decided to have a slightly impromptu* dinner party on Saturday night, and Mr WithaY did the most fantastic "belly pork with stuff on it" dish.

It's a Rick Stein Mediterranean recipe, and basically involves making up a marinade/paste thing out of garlic, rosemary, chilli, loads of black peppercorns and olive oil, rubbing it all over the meat, leaving it to itself for many hours, then roasting it slowly in the oven. Bloody great, it is.

I did my becoming-famous Indian baked yoghurt pudding, and we got through a lot of port. Great fun.

This morning (even allowing for the clock change) has been very lazy and relaxing. We lounged about on our respective sofas and watched "Paint Your Wagon" on TV, which was excellent. Perfect lazy Sunday morning viewing.

No other plans for today except doing the washing-up as and when I feel like it, and possibly doing some sewing if I can be arsed.

Other news: Got my car back, after having to fork out over £240 for a service, new brake bits and some other stuff. Gah. And it still has to have the mystery possibly-terminal problem looked at.

Most depressing.

On the bright side, the weather today is glorious, and I think we have a lot of birds nesting in the garden. Hurrah.

*i.e: Invited people on Friday night if they happened to be free on Saturday.

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