Saturday, 15 March 2008

Hedging my bets

Was in the pub last night having a chat about gardening with some of our lovely neighbours.

The WithaY estate* is surrounded on one and a bit sides by a large leylandii(sp?) hedge, and I loathe it. With a deep and abiding passion. It's tall, thick, dark and depressing.

Good in that we don't get gawped at by passers-by and people using the petrol station, but bad in that nothing else grows near it except ivy and moss, and it looks gloomy.

My dream scenario would involve a runaway lorry demolishing it (leaving everyone unhurt), the hedge totally flattened beyond redemption, and Mr WithaY and I getting it replaced with a beautiful stone wall and hawthorn hedge at somebody else's expense.


We discussed various hedging and walling solutions**. Some of our neighbours are thinking about having one of their hedges taken out, and it's a surprisingly complicated thing to do. Unless you don't mind having your garden gradually collapse into the road and wash away in the rain, of course.

I said I would like to replace our huge front hedge, and our wise foresting neighbour asked what kind of thing I would put in its place. I said "Oh, maybe hawthorn." He nodded, and asked me how old I am. I told him, 42, why? He shook his head sadly and said "You don't have time for hawthorn."


Other news: Local paper headline which made me snort tea out of my nose: "Wind Makes Minor Impact".

*front garden

**bet you wish you drank in our pub, eh?


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zoya gautam said...

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livesbythewoods said...

O-kay. Good.

Caro said...

Well I guess I don't have time for hawthorne either.

livesbythewoods said...

Caro! What a lovely photo! You look like you have plenty of time.