Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Gutter press

Honestly. I wanted to buy some more lovely orange Virgin Vie face cleaning stuff and it seems they have discontinued it. Gah.

Filthy, pore-clogged misery for my face then, from now on.

So, anyway, the storms. It was truly terrifying down our way. We had someone else's bucket in our front garden the next day. And some flowerpots got blown around a bit.

Total devastation.

Although, to be fair, the guttering fell off the garage again, but Mr WithaY wanged it with a hammer and it seems ok now.

Saw the picture on the front page of The Sun today showing a couple of complete numpties standing on a huge-wave-lashed seafront with a baby in a buggy. Top parenting there then.

"Nice walk dear?"

"Yes, was great, went to the seaside."

"Ooh, lovely...where's the baby?"

"Ah. Well, it was a bit rough, like..."


Other News: Am having a guitar lesson later so will find out from my lovely teacher if I will get to sing with them again any time soon. I hope so. If I do, I am going to ask to be allowed to do a less difficult song. I love Tom Petty but his stuff is a right bugger to sing when you have what is best described as a folk singer voice.


I have asked if we can learn a few Pretenders songs tonight. I am a cunning evil mastermind.


John said...

Very cunning. As cunning as a cupboard full of foxes I would say.

B.E. Earl said...

The Pretenders were my first favorite band. I've had a lot of favorite bands since, but they were my first. And the crush I had on Chrissie Hynde...legendary.

Just heard "Cuban Slide" from their Extended Play EP on XM Radio yesterday. Took me way back to 1981.

livesbythewoods said...

John...it's a big cupboard. And the foxes have all got qualifications in cunningness.

Mr E...they are bloody excellent. If I ever get brave enough (and work out the technology) I will send you a sample of me doing my Chrissy Hynde impression.

Mr Farty said...

I saw that photo too. Arseholes.

Nice comeback from Virgin Vie.

livesbythewoods said...

Mr Farty, hello. I am still v impressed by the smooth PR machine that is the Virgin Vie organisation.