Tuesday, 3 April 2007


Gah. Was driving home from work tonight, past Stonehenge (where the cats meow), and a damn fool in a tiny red car suddenly pulled RIGHT out in front of me from the car park. I wondered if he was about to pull off the road and into the lane, as he was veering about erratically on the grass verge, and slowing down more and more. No. He was driving like that, because he is a FOOL.

I waited till the end of the 40mph limit, thinking "perhaps he will speed up a bit now". No. He maintained a steady 28mph, still veering entertainingly onto the verge from time to time. Sadly there were cars coming in the opposite direction so I couldn't overtake him, having to content myself with hanging back a way and muttering abusive and obscene insults at the back of his stupid fat head.

Anyway, eventually he realised he was driving like a blind halfwitted baboon, and speeded up a little, managing to stay on his side of the road more often. And then we came upon a mighty tractor (well, it is Wiltshire). Did he slow down and hang back, wondering if the tractor was perhaps about to turn into one of the many farm entrances or fields along the road? No. He started indicating as if to overtake, randomly popping across the double white lines and checking that yes, it was still far too dangerous to try and get past. Fuckwit.

Apart from that, it's been quite a good day. Work was busy and constructive, our mate Jim is cooking what smells like a delicious dinner and another mate is coming over shortly to stay the night, so it should be quite a sociable evening. Hurrah.

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