Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Weather, gloriousness of

Am working at home today to try and get some complicated stuff sorted out; as a bonus the weather here is completely fantastic. All I could hear for half an hour earlier were the birds in the garden shouting their heads off. Now of course all I can hear is huge juggernauts thundering past, making the house shake. Bastards.

In keeping with my hard-won domestic goddess status I have been doing the laundry (in between my PowerPoint creation). With any luck it will all be dry by the end of the day. So I not only get my work done, I get my household stuff sorted too, and thus free up the weekend for going to John Lewis in Southampton to buy curtains., Which, sadly, is something I am looking forward to doing.

Yesterday was Mr WithaY's birthday. To celebrate we had the world's largest roast beef dinner and a couple of bottles of wine, then all watched The Incredibles on DVD.

Not a particularly rock and roll evening, but we enjoyed ourselves. Ah. Middle age. It's great. And to be fair, I had a lesson with my lovely guitar teacher beforehand so there was a little bit of rock and roll involved, albeit played slowly and badly (by me, I mean...he's brilliant).

Ha haaaa - our mate Jim has just made me a cup of tea. What a star.

I feel really positive at the moment, which is great. I might even make a cake later if I get everything finished in time.

I bought some new stuff from Amazon yesterday, including the complete set of Eddie Izzard DVDs. He's just brilliant.

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