Sunday, 29 April 2007

Clean at last

Me and the car. Hurrah.

I washed my lovely car today for the first time since I bought it (last July, if you're interested). It's been so dry for so long that the floods I used to drive through on the way to work have finally receded. This meant that the mud on the car was staying there, rather than being washed off by the deep puddles and splashdown zones all across Salisbury Plain. I can see my car from my bestest mate's sitting room window, and it looked pretty scabby, to be honest. So we went out there this afternoon and washed it. Mmmmm. Clean.

I was very good and resisted the urge to recreate the Zoolander "freak gasoline accident" scene with the hose too. I am definitely going to heaven.

We had intended to go the the famer's market this morning ("I'll have a tall blonde one please") but the parking was atrocious so we baled out and went to Sainsbury's instead, where I bought a wide selection of cough medicine (drowsy and non-drowy so I can keep myself awake OR asleep as I choose) and some truly evil looking (and smelling) throat lozenge thingies. They're black, smell of menthol and myrrh, and work remarkably well. The lady in the pharmacy assured me that the choristers at Winchester cathedral use them, so maybe my singing will improve too.

I have really missed playing my guitar over the weekend. Next time I will ignore the voice in my head saying "your mate hates to hear you practice" and just pack it into the car before I set off. Especially as I was getting the hang of "Chance" by Big Country. Only the chords and the vocals, but it was sounding pretty good.


badgerdaddy said...

I remember the funniest thing I ever heard on 'Never Mind the Buzzcocks' was about Big Country, but if you're a fan it might be best if I don't bring it up...

livesbythewoods said...

If it's the "All their stuff sounds like the theme from Z Cars" comment, I thought that was vey funny.

If it's something else, please enlighten me. I probably won't take it badly and be really wounded.

badgerdaddy said...

No, it wasn't that comment - and bear in mind, it came a few weeks before Stuart Adamson's sad demise.

It's a brilliant play on phonetics that caught both myself and Phill Jupitus right off guard. Lamarr says, in typical dry fashion: "Of course, Stuart Adamson was a Big Country member. And we do remember."

It only works if you say it out loud... I just thought it was A) reet clever and B) really funny.

Not that I personally have anything against them, you understand. But if you want to come to my blog and diss Pearl Jam or Faith No More, feel free!

livesbythewoods said...

Heh. Excellent.