Saturday, 28 April 2007

End of the World (as we know it)

So. Earthquake in Kent, eh? Well, if anywhere was due a good smiting, I'd say Kent had to be up there in the top 10. All that "Garden of England" bragging. And letting the French stick their tunnel RIGHT into us. Gah.

I have had a lovely day out with my girlie mates in Winchester today. We met for lunch, which then evolved into a shoe-buying spree, then a tea-drinking event, and finally a walk through the cathedral green in the sun. Very nice. I blagged a lift back to my bestest mate's house with one of the girls to save me a long walk.

We went to pay for the car parking in one of Winchester's many multi-storey car parks and the machine ate my fiver! Outraged, we pressed the "Help" button and got through to a very cross-sounding Northern bloke. We explained what had happened. He said "Where's your parking ticket?" We told him that the machine had spat it back out.

"Go to the exit" he said. We tried to explain that we hadn't paid the full parking fee, that the machine had eater the fiver but not the rest of the money.

He cut us off with a very brusque "Don't be talking! Go and buzz me at the exit!"

We obeyed, giggling. At the exit we buzzed him again and he opened the barrier and freed us, so we had £1.50 worth of free parking! Hurrah!

I've just watched "Napoleon Dynamite" on DVD. I'd forgotten what a nice film it is.

And now I'm going to have a bath. I can do that here, unlike at my house where the cold tap stopped working and we have yet to find a plumber brave enough to try and fix it. Mr WithaY emailed photos of the busted tap to the plumber who installed the bathroom. He's said he'll come over "next week" to have a look. I love showering but miss a good bath. Sigh. So I plan to make my mate's house smell of lovely Lush stuff - heh.

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