Monday, 23 April 2007


To celebrate St George's Day, I have a cold. It came on very suddenly (while I was driving home from work) so I thought it might just be pollen related, but as the evening's gone on my throat has got more and more sore, and my nose is blocked. Ugh. That's a week of feeling and sounding horrible then.

Apart from that (and being shattered) I am fine. Had a great weekend visiting family and friends, and feel very positive about life in general at the moment.

I'm hoping that we get a major milestone sorted out at work this week, which would be fantastic. But if I get a bloody cold that will more than likely slow me down. Gah. So, better search out the vitamins and try to stay healthy.

Overheard something in the supermarket that made me laugh yesterday. A little boy was looking at one of the fruit and vegetable displays, saying "Mum, mum, can we get an acorn?" His mum was busy, and not looking at what he was doing, and she said "No, there are no acorns in here." He carried on asking until she (and I) looked round the corner to see what he was on about. He was waving a coconut about. Heh.

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