Monday, 9 April 2007


I realised last night that it has been a few days since my last blog entry, so thought I'd spend some time today catching up. I have been busy setting up my funky new Blogspot page ( which has been quite entertaining. It's basically a mirror of this blog, but with a few links and things added to sites I like. I am too thick to work out how to do that on MySpace. I also hadn't realised until fairly recently that unless other people have a MySpace account they can't see my blog, which seems unfair to those who choose not to sign up to the service. Deprived of my life story! Cruel!

What else? Been off work since Thursday which has been bloody fantastic. Went to see my Mum on Friday, and as a bonus also saw both my sisters and 4 of the 6 nieces and nephews. All seem well and happy, which was lovely. We didn't do a lot; spent much of the day drinking cups of tea and chatting, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I then scooted back up the M3 to my mate's house, on the way to which I suspect I may have picked up a speeding ticket. There was a sneaky police speed trap van in a layby which I only saw as I went tanking past at the last minute. Ah well, it's a fair cop.

Saturday was spent mostly hanging around at my mate's house, drinking tea and making each other laugh a bit. I then pottered back home via the fantastic organic pig place to pick up Mr WithaY's "surprise" birthday present. It's a little model of a German Short-Haired Pointer made of wire which I comissioned. I am an art parton! Hurrah! It's absolutely lovely, and he is very pleased with it. The lady who made it has a wide variety of wire animals there, all really cleverly and accurately made. Apparently she's a retired zoologist so understands how animals fit together I suppose. Anyway, if you need a wire 3-D animal, go to the Ginger Piggery and have a look in the barn.

Yesterday (Easter Sunday) we went out visiting family, and ended up staying out till quite late. Mr WithaY's dad is in hospital at the moment so we went to see him for a while. The nurses came round with cups of tea, and also gave him an Easter egg which I thought was kind of them. After we left there we drove down to visit Mr WithaY's uncle and aunt, and they very kindly asked us to stay for dinner, so it was after 9 when we got home.

A very sociable day, beautiful weather, glorious Dorset and Wiltshire countryside, not too many idiots on the road (apart from us, obviously). We then devoured my Green and Black's Easter egg whilst watching "Zoolander" on TV in the evening. Great.

Mr WithaY is a bit grumpy today because his PC is buggered. He had a repeating error message saying one of his .dll files (?) was corrupt, so tried to fix the problem. As a result of his fixing efforts he now needs to get the whole operating system reloaded. And of course the computer shop is closed today, it being a Bank Holiday. He is therefore wandering about, sighing and looking WW2 submarine warfare for him today.

I had the great pleasure of being able to teach someone how to do some stuff on a guitar they didn't know how to do yesterday. I know I am still very much a learner myself, but it is gratifying to be able to show somebody how to do a little riff or scale or something and have them go "Oh wow!" when they get it.

And I'm off work tomorrow as well. Excellent. Could today get any better? Well, I suppose someone could turn up on the doorstep with a huge sack of cash and an amusing clock for me, but otherwise, no, not really.
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