Saturday, 31 March 2007

Brilliant Idea

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Was chatting to one of my lovely on-line mates yesterday and he was talking about going out to read the grafitti (for fun, of an evening, you know). These posh city types.

I remarked that there is very little grafitti to be seen round here. Unless you count the writing on bacon, of course. We agreed that the locals were missing out on a wonderful life experience, not having access to a varied selection of high-quality grafitti.
And then it came to me.

Mobile grafitti walls.....

Like a mobile library, a huge, highly grafittied wall on the back of a big old flatbed truck, touring the villages and hamlets of the area, giving the poor deprived locals a chance to see what the hip urban kids are up to. And it would change every few weeks to allow the provinces to keep abreast of fashion trends.

That's a vote winner for sure. If the local council adopt my idea I shall probably get some sort of civic award.

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badgerdaddy said...

Have you ever seen this:
Send it to your mate - graffiti from all over the world!