Friday, 30 March 2007


Current mood: good

We have our mate Jim moving in with us this weekend. Just till he sorts out a place of his own, anyway. Should be interesting. I have no idea how much stuff he's bringing with him (Pocketful? Overnight bag? Carload? Removals truck?)or what he intends to do with his time while he's here. As long as he doesn't eat all the biscuits and take up all the sofa, I don't much mind.

I am feeling much more cheerful today, in part because I went along to an interesting meeting with a highly entertaining colleague, which was great.

And it's Friday. Hurrah.

No plans for the weekend beyond stocking up on logs and crumpets for Jim. He does enjoy the fire, and eating crumpets. And drinking tea. Better stock up on tea, too. And milk. And maybe some cake.

I tidied my study up yesterday and now it feels much more relaxing in here. Might need to get another chair though - there's only the one by my desk which is a bit antisocial. I might finish the skirt I started making months ago tomorrow. I can actually see it now I've cleared all the crap off my desk.

My new orrery-stylee windchime thingy looks great. Doesn't make any noise, so the name is a bit misleading.

Bedtime. Busy day tomorrow. Might go to the DIY store and buy green paint. If I can be arsed.

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