Thursday, 27 November 2008

Not like The Waltons

Things have been a bit fraught this week in the WithaY household.

Father-in-Law WithaY was finally sent home from hospital after 20 weeks inside (poor old bugger) and it has become very clear very quickly that he is in no shape to cope at home on his own. Indeed, he now needs 24 hour care, and so Bro-in-Law WithaY has come down to spend a few days to help try to arrange either a full time care assistant at home, or a place in a nursing home.

So. It's all rather sad and stressful.

It's nice spending some time with Bro-in-law though, as we don't see much of him usually.

Other news: Made an ace sausage casserole yesterday, with pork and apple sausages, onion, tomato and big slices of apple. Was really really tasty.

Apart from that, very little.


The Grocer said...

Yes, your title kind of somes up how things are for us all. We needed to do something similar for my disabled brother in law when wife's mother died a couple of years back. Whilst we found somewhere excellent nearby it still felt like we should have sent Stumpy to sleep in the barn for the rest of his childhood (metaphorically).

livesbythewoods said...

Mr Grocer, it is all very sad and worriesome.